Our Story

We personally understand and are empathetic with those who cannot live life the way they want to. We are compassionate to those who face challenges that affect the mind and body. In fact, it was through our own personal life experiences that we decided to create Carpe Diem.

Ben Lipkin: Co-Founder

Ben spent 5 successful years working in the corporate sports field until his wife was met with two difficult wellness challenges in 2018. After a difficult and time-consuming search, he discovered that Cannabidiol (CBD) was to be a great source for his wife’s life. His family’s successful CBD experience is what made Ben decide to devote his career to helping others through the remarkable benefits of CBD.

Neil Hultgren: Co-Founder

In spite of being born with club feet, Neil loves a lifestyle on the move. He teaches yoga and spends busy days on our farm. His feet and ankles bring many challenges to this active lifestyle. Over the last few years, Neil’s use of CBD has given him much relief and great healing. Neil’s wife, Anna, a fitness instructor, uses CBD to help her relax and get restful sleep. Finding a good night’s sleep through CBD, Anna feels recharged, rejuvenated, and ready for the hard workouts ahead. Neil believes that Carpe Diem CBD will help your family reach their ultimate wellness goals, as they have for his family.

Our team proudly produces personal wellness products that let you live your life to the fullest.
NorthStar Hemp uses eco-friendly practices that help restore our environment and save our planet.

The essential oils (CBD and more) are extracted from the flower and leaves while the stalks are mulched into animal bedding. We return our roots and the ends of our stalks back into the earth after harvest. We believe in sustainable farming practices for mother earth.

NorthStar Hemp Field of Dreams

Are you interested in farming hemp? Contact us about ways NorthStar Hemp can partner with you.